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Sunday, March 24 Cars and Coffee at Andy's High Caliber Auto Body

Sunday morning March 24th was one of those beautiful “get up and do something” days.  And MSCLI did.  As early spring calls the auto enthusiast in all of us, what could be better than getting out on a bright sunny day, and driving your pride and joy Mustang to Andy’s High Caliber Collision?  We all thought the same!


Andy Helsinger has been an MSCLI club member for many years, taking care of those awkward moments (when your car does something it shouldn’t – or at least you wished it hadn’t), and like magic, removing them from view.  Working in his Lindenhurst location on West Hoffman Ave for the past 16 years, Andy has plied his craft, helped out quite a few club members, and dazzled us with amazing paint and body creations on his own Mustangs (you do need to check out his 2008 Mustang decked out in Lizzard Skin Green – a wild non-factory color that looks great on a Mustang).  Of course, Andy has more than supported the club: he’s been there for us.  Recently, a body shop chain trademarked the name of Andy’s shop, forcing him to change the familiar “Caliber Collision” to “Andy’s High Caliber Collision”.  So what better way to celebrate and christen his new name than to host a Cars & Coffee event for MSCLI?


The bagels were fresh, the coffee was hot, and the weather was perfect for the 60 Mustangs that graced this MSCLI event.  An estimated 85 club members would partake in Andy’s hospitality – including a Karmen Ghia, 79 T-Bird, 66 Malibu, 69 Camaro, and a few trucks.  Club officers Rick Wertz, Dennis Healy, John Walter and John Dettori were on hand to meet and greet the members, sharing their Sunday morning breakfast and reminding us all why we do this: it’s fun.  Fun, friends, and food – could anything be better? 


Special thanks to Phil Borzumato for organizing and coordinating, and to Andy Helsinger for his hospitality hosting this memorable event.  And of course thank you MSCLI members for coming!


- John Dettori





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